Arke Industries

We make strategy games that run in the browser so you can play them just about anywhere. We're currently working on Starfall!


Our work to date. Some are prototypes, others are complete games.


We're currently working on Starfall, a browser-based massively multiplayer 4X, right now. Check out Philotechnica, the Starfall companion site, for more details.

  • Map Prototype 2 (Prototype, 2018)
  • 3D Prototype (Prototype, 2016)
  • Winter Wars (Prototype, 2016)
  • Regnum Interrus (Prototype, 2013)
  • Map Prototype 1 (Prototype, 2012)

Silicon Dawn

Silicon Dawn was our second game. It featured an expansive map of the galaxy that players, as AIs, built upon and conquered.

  • Silicon Dawn (Release, 2010)
  • Map Prototype (Prototype, 2010)
  • Silicon Dawn Earth (Prototype, 2010)
  • Project Aurora (Prototype, 2009)

The Fall

The Fall was our very first game. We taught ourselves a lot when making it. It was a simple text-based game that simulated an empire.

  • The Fall Rewrite (Release, 2015)
  • The Fall 2 (Prototype, 2009)
  • The Fall (Release, 2009)
  • The Fall Alpha (Prototype, 2008)


We're on Discord! Join our server to talk with the devs.

We're also on Facebook: Arke Industries. Don't forget to smash that link button.

And Starfall has a subreddit of its own: /r/StarfallGame.

Finally, we don't have a company Twitter yet but our community manager, Wizard, has one: AI Wizard on Twitter.


We love open source. Take a look at our GitHub organization.