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Posted 11/25/20 by AI Wizard


Philotechnica, a Starfall companion

We're working on this game, and sometimes we need to tell you things about it.


Starfall is an upcoming sci-fi MMO4X - a game you play with everyone else online, in the browser, to expand, explore, exploit, and exterminate in the vein of the 4X greats. We're inspired by Civilization, Stellaris, Masters of Orion, Galactic Civilizations, EVE Online - and that all-time unsung hero, Space Empires IV.

We're also a bit obsessed with hard (realistic) sci-fi. We may be a little too in love with Atomic Rockets and Orion's Arm, which teach us how realistic science fiction can be exciting, thought-provoking, and ultimately satisfying.


We are Arke Industries. We make games people love, or at least tolerate, while killing time at school or at work. We started very young, inspired by school computer lab favorites such as Cyber Nations and NationStates. We started with The Fall (2009), followed up with Silicon Dawn (2010), and since then have made a host of smaller projects while we mourn the inevitability of death.

Anyways, now we're working on a new game and Starfall is it. Bye for now.